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Greetings, web traveller! You must be quite tired from all the surfing, scrolling and hiking across the internet, so take a moment to sit with me here by the fire and listen to the tale of SneakyBox…

Video Game Creation
Our story starts in the lowly land of Kaunas, Lithuania, where a while ago a small fellowship of game enthusiasts decided to create a video game. Many years later they host a wide range of creative, vivid, award-winning games enjoyed by thousands of players across the globe.

Board Games
SneakyBox’s imagination and expert game craftsmanship could not be contained in the computer screens, however, as they have started creating board games as well.
With the first attempt being a great success, winning the board game of the year award in Lithuania, word around the realm is that, there are many more to come.

Porting services
These days, some of the SneakyBox prodigies also travel the world united by a common goal: to help other great games to be experienced by everyone. With the help of all sorts of witchcraft, from the elusive spell of optimisation to the healing magic of UI redesign – there are no quests SneakyBox heroes can’t conquer in order to port the game to a desired kingdom.

Of course, as their studio name suggests, SneakyBox tends to be rather secretive with their upcoming plans and projects in the works. However, there’s a way to become a trusted ally of the fellowship by inscribing your email into the white box below. This will allow SneakyBox to open a secret channel of communication and their pigeon carriers will be able to provide you with exclusive updates, special announcements and sneak peeks behind the doors into the life of SneakyBox.